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Welcome in our world: a full selection of hand-embroidered items as the beating heart of the company

  • We have been active in the field of household linens for over 90 years and can offer a complete range of hand-embroidered items.

    Originality, experience and versatility, along with expertise, have been our guarantee to retailers; we have tried to meet the needs of all Italian and international consumers sharing our very same passion: our online store makes it possible for anyone to view and purchase our products.

About us Discover our world!

Gran Ricami, who has been active in the market of household linens since 1922, stands out for the elegance and originality of its products; it has been focusing on hand-embroidered items for a long time: stylish and elegant, such items stand for tradition and originality at the same time. Long-time experience and the deep knowledge of products have always lead Gran Ricami to choose items of the rarest quality and value for its customers.

Our stock, in a structure of 2500 square metres, is constantly being re-supplied with the finest Italian and foreign products.

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